Water Inorganic Zinc-rich Coating

Water Inorganic Zinc-rich Coating
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Component: Water-based inorganic zinc-rich priming coating is bi-component coating made from water-based inorganic binder, coupling reagent, corrosion remover, auxiliaries and zinc powder.


1. Water-based inorganic zinc-rich priming coating adopts water as solvent, it is  poison and pollution free, dries rapidly and has fine flexibility.

2. The coating surface can match all sorts of anti-corrosive coating, meeting requirements of projects stressing anti-corrosion.

3. Great organic solvent resistance, and the film has good electrochemistry anti-corrosive property.

4. The water-based inorganic zinc-rich priming coating can continuously resist the high temperature of 400-500℃.

5. Low electrical resistance, anti-static, radio resistance, ultraviolet ray resistance, salt spray resistance, aging resistance, having long-acting anti-corrosive effect.

Application of water-based inorganic zinc-rich priming coating: it is applied on oil tank, oil compartment, cargo compartment, power transmission iron tower, sea steal-work bridge, large roof truss, chimney, offshore platform, chemical equipment and so on having high demand for surroundings.

Application reference for water-based inorganic zinc-rich priming coating:

1. During application of water-based inorganic zinc-rich priming coating, the coating thickness shall be trailed. When the thickness does not meet requirement, supplementary spraying is needed. Before the film dries or the next spraying, the coating shall be protected from getting dirty and damaged.

2. After spraying, the surface shall be free of current ripple and places without spraying, and the thickness of film shall be even and the color shall be uniform, and flaws such unevenness, sagging, cracks, bubbles and falling skinning are not allowed.

3.On corners, shear marks, welding lines, zinc shall be manually brushed before spraying to ensure the coating thickness in this part, and in the meantime, it shall not spray more thickly in the depression, which will leads to cracks on film.

4 Water-based inorganic zinc-rich priming coating can be applied independently without finishing coating, and it is long-time anti-corrosive. If finishing coating is required, it shall be sprayed after the coating has been fully cured, and the general gap is 24-48 hours.

5. Water-based inorganic zinc-rich priming coating has bi-component package. It can be used after being stirred evenly and it shall be used up within 6 hours.