Water-based Solid Color Surface Coating

Water-based Solid Color Surface Coating
Product Details

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The water-based solid color surface coating of LangFarbe is prepared based on advanced process by adopting high-performance water-based nanometer hybridized emulsion and imported raw materials. It integrates the merits of the environmental friendly feature of water-based coating and physical properties of oil-based coating. It has superior chemical resistance, yellowing resistance, scratch resistance and high hardness after complete curing.

The product is fit to be used in renovation of household and public places and the decoration and protection of the surface of all sorts of wood furniture, doors, windows, crafts, toys, wood cabins in villas and gardens and rattan articles.

Product features:

Free of toxic and harmful substances such as benzene series, methanal, heavy metal and free TDI, high hardness, wear resistance, yellowing resistance, strong covering power, well-developed film, easy application and so on.

Scrubbing resistance: 

Scrubbing resistance: at 25℃, there are no trace and loss of gloss during daily scrubbing two weeks after application and maintenance.

Leveling property:

Leveling property: during spraying, the ratio of air flow, coating flow and water in the spray gun shall be in moderation and no wrinkle and skinning on the film surface are allowed.

Yellowing resistance:

superior yellowing resistance.

Drying time:

surface drying:30 minutes, repeated coating: 4 hours, hard drying time:7 days (at 25℃ and in an environment with the humidity less than 80%).

Coating consumption: 

Coating consumption: the area of one-time spraying and brushing is 15-20㎡/kg (theoretical value), and the actual coating consumption is different due to the different application methods and flatness of base materials.

Application requirement:

It shall be done above 5℃ and in an environment with the relative humidity less than 85%.


good flexibility, can protect the wood surface from film cracks due to water absorption. At low temperature and high humidity, it shall be used together with cross-linking agent.

Matters needing attention in application:

1. Keep the workshop clean.

2. Cleaning agent can be used to clean the carpenter's glue, pencil mark and grease on board surface.

3. The bare steam nails shall be nailed into the wood line.

4.At normal temperature, the amount of water added into the coating shall be in accordance with the application instruction.

5 .The ash shall be thinly scratched instead of being thickly scratched. After the first spraying, the local area can be repaired.

6. It shall be polished smoothly.

7 .In winter, each film shall be dried thoroughly.