Water-based Modeling Paint

Water-based Modeling Paint
Product Details

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Water-based modeling paint is a water-based wood ware modeling paint made from a special hybridized acrylate emulsion, avoiding the flaws of the oil-based sprinkling coating such as strong smell and fire risk  .

Product features:

1. As a real environment-friendly product, it adopts water as diluent, does not have free TDI, and its heavy metal content meets the European standard EN71-3.

2.It has great thixotropy, good model, high solid content and strong texture and it is smooth and without drawbench.

3. Short dry period and easy construction.

4.Well-developed film, strong covering power, waterproof, anti-chemicals and great hardness.

5.Superior adhesion and yellowing resistance.

Sparkling silver surface series: sparkling silver effect has ever been popular in many fields, conforming with the color trend. In the meanwhile, it has the features of looking noble, metal texture and durability.

Method of application:

The coating effect of the coating with special effects has close relation with the prime coating, air pressure of spray gun and the oil amount:

1.Water-based modeling coating (relief)/bi-component water-based black sprinkle: coating with sprinkle gun. The model size can be controlled by regulating air pressure and oil amount.

2. Water-based wood ware sand surface coating: coating with common spray gun with slightly larger caliber. Repeated coating can achieve the effect of making thick and solid. After dry, spraying single component/bi-component surface coating to adjust effect and enhance protectiveness.

3. Water-based orange peel black sound coating: roller coating construction. Coating with foaming roller to get specific effect. After dry, spraying single component/bi-component surface coating to adjust effect and enhance protectiveness.

4. Sprinkle silver series: Spraying with common spray gun. Adding slightly more water to achieve better arrangement by shrinking the wet film to stretch aluminum-silver piece, in the meantime, the spray shall be dried one. The black prim coating can achieve the effect of being solemn and liberal whereas the white prim coating can achieve the effect of being bright and beautiful.

The do's and don'ts:

(1) All coating liquid shall be fully mixed before use to ensure the unity of color, viscosity, gloss and covering power.

(2) After taking material, the tank cap shall be fastened to avoid skinning.

(3) The water-based bi-component coating (at 25℃) shall be used up within 4 hours after mixing.

(4) The tools shall be washed with clean water and the unused coating shall be sealed.

Packaging and storage:20kg per bag, storing in shady, cool and ventilating area.