Water-based Glass Baking Coating

Water-based Glass Baking Coating
Product Details

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Product overview:

Components: water-based hybridized acrylic emulsion, extender pigment, auxiliaries, deionized water, etc..

Features: environmental friendly, pollution free, non-inflammable, non-explosive, super adhesion and protective and decorative properties.

Application: It is mainly used for glass products such as decorative lighting, cosmetic bottles and perfume bottles. It is fit for shower and spraying coating process.

Appearance: All sorts of thick liquid

Application requirement:

Diluent: deionized water

Matters needing attention:

1.The base material to be coated shall be clean and free of grease.

2.During application, the temperature of base material shall be higher than 5℃

3.The water-based coating shall be stored in aeration-drying places, away from heat and avoid freeze.

4.Water-based coating shall be diluted by stirring deionized water.

5 .If coating skinning or particles are found, the coating shall be filtered with the 200 mess net and if the storage period of the water-based coating is exceeded, it can be used only after passing tests.