Electric Insulated Powder Coating

Electric Insulated Powder Coating
Product Details

Advantages of  XINKE Powder Coating:

1. Good adhesion between coating and substrate. Good mechanical ,heat-resistance and chemicals-resistance properties. It isn't easy to turn yellow and produce pinholes when baking. The film has fire-retardant property and extinguishing property to some extent.

2. Utilization rate can up to 8~10 m2/kg . Film thickness is 70┬Ám (100% utilization rate). Practical coating zone varies with shapes of coating equipments and objects.

3. Our raw material import from Holland and America,we can supply high qulity products to you.

4. Gloss and color of powder coating can be customized according to clients requirement .

5. We can also supply super weather-resistantance powder coating which can be guaranteed for    20~30 years.

Testing Report: